Cruciferous Sprouts Complex

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Cruciferous Sprouts Complex 120 g | BioImmersion - Pure mixture of broccoli sprouts, daikon radish sprouts, red radish sprouts, watercress sprouts, kale sprouts, mustard sprouts, and cabbage sprouts; yielding typically 10,000 ppm glucosinolates*

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Cruciferous Sprouts Complex 120 g | BioImmersion

  • Pure fresh sprout mixture of: broccoli, daikon radish, red radish, watercress, kale, mustard and cabbage. Selected High Actives Seeds. Unique sprouting and harvesting. Advanced freeze-drying technology*
  • The Cruciferous Sprouts Complex combination of sprouts powerfully stimulates the genetic expression of these critically important protective enzymes. There are approximately twenty P2Ps; enzymes such as quinone reductase, glutathione transferase, epoxide hydrolase and heme oxygenase.*
  • Quinone reductase is commonly used to measure tested materials ability to induce P2P. Recent tests have shown the Cruciferous Sprouts Complex has the ability to stimulate QR activity in human peripheral blood cells.*
  • Phase 2 Liver Detox is governed by the Phase 2 Enzymes. The Cruciferous Sprouts Complex in human clinical trials has demonstrated the ability increase liver cell output of P2Ps on the average by 2.6 times in 20 days*

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