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Fungal & Mold Infections

Fungal & Mold Infections

Fungus Fungal Infection 

Signs and Symptoms
Look for symptoms aggravation related to mold and fungus:

  • Co-infection with Lyme Disease
  • depression
  • mood changes
  • insomnia
  • neurological issues
  • anxiety
  • neuropathy bilateral. Numbness and tingling bilateral
  • Behavioral issues
  • Learning disorders
  • When primary it will be mucous membranes and itching. Worse in winter and wet seasons.
  • Worse when mold exposed
  • Mood is dark and depressed

Diagnosing Fungal and Mold Infections

  1. Spiro Stat Fungi Testing
  2. Spirostat Lyme Panel
  3. Spiro Stat Babesia Panel

Treatment: Three Components

Limit exposure to external elements


  1. Support immune system
  2. Killing dominant organism
  3. Detoxifying the cells through liver, kidney and lymphatic system.



  1. Support immune system
    • Syntrion Remedies
    • San Pharma Remedies
    • Transfer Factor
    • Colostrum
  2. Kill the Dominant Pathogen
    • Byron White Formulas – non toxic to the liver – A-FNG
      • works within the cell to unload toxic byproducts
  3. Detoxify Out of Body
    • A-FNG helps with this
    • Renelix - Kidneys
    • Apo Hepat - Liver
    • Itires - lymph
    • Mundipur and Apo Stom – gut
    • Neurotoxic binders to bind these: Chlorella, Modified Citrus Pectin – Pectasol, Cholestyramine (Drug)
    • Mucan – Pekana helps to dump fungal toxins.

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